“Nilima is a highly assertive and proactive professional. Her high energy pushes her to do extraordinary work, challenging the status quo and chart new paths. Nilima will be a very useful resource and leader, especially in projects and initiatives which require fresh thinking and bold execution. I endorse and recommend Nilima in the strongest manner.”

Paul Basil, Founder and CEO of Villgro Innovations Foundation

“Nilima easily represents that ideal you’re always looking for. Give her a task, however big – paint it in the broadest brush strokes possible, with few details and less direction. She’ll take that ball, and run with it, tenaciously thinking through the detail, planning meticulously, reaching out to everyone she needs to help her execute, and finally making it happen, time and again, with great quality.”

PR Ganapathy, COO of Villgro Innovations Foundation, Founder of Gridstone Research, former CEO of DSNL